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    How to find rental assistance applications and Section 8 apartments in Detroit, Michigan

    The Housing List Blog located in the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet (SEC 8 PKT), can be an invaluable resource in locating landlords that have low rent properties. Tenants that are trying to get on a rental assistance program, can use this resource to find low income housing, or Section 8 apartments as it is often called, until they come up on a waiting list. Applications for any government rental assistance program are always free.

    How can I get on a Section 8 waiting list and find a Section 8 apartment?

    A Section 8 apartment application is for the HUD funded Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program allows it's recipients to find decent, safe housing for their families. Section 8 houses are just property that the landlord is or is intending to rent to a tenant that is on the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. Waiting lists for Section 8 vouchers are extremely long. Often housing authorities are severely impacted by funding cuts and changes to the program at a federal level. You can read updated information on housing voucher policy at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. Most PHAs only open waiting lists for vouchers every two or three years, and people are placed on the waiting list by way of a lottery system. Each housing authority has a different method and time schedule for opening and managing waiting lists; contact the PHA directly for more information. PHAs screen for tenant eligibility based on rental history, criminal background, credit and other factors. Most landlords screening criteria are stricter than the PHAs and typically, applicants must fill out applications and pay screening fees with the landlord.

    The Detroit Housing Authority provides Low Income and Section 8 housing programs. Authorities determine housing eligibility and administer two different types of housing assistance programs. Section 8 Housing provides rental assistance to low-income families living in privately-owned rental properties, where Low Income housing is directly owned and operated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Remember, the only way to apply for Section 8 in Detroit, Michican or anywhere else, is to find a PHA that is currently accepting applications online or in person. A tenant in Detroit, Michigan that is interested in applying for rental assistance in Detroit by way of completing a Section 8 application for Detroit, or house for rent, should consult their local Housing Authority. The Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet is also a reliable resource for finding low income properties online. A housing authority in Detroit, Michigan or anywhere else, can initiate termination of a Section 8 voucher for a number of reasons, including providing misinformation, failure to report changes in income or household size, failure to pay rent or utilities or eviction from the subsidized unit. Housing authorities may also terminate a voucher if someone moves into a unit that has Low-Income Public Housing or project-based subsidies. PHA’s will usually call tenants in for pre-termination conferences in an attempt to resolve the problem before moving to termination. If you are asked to attend a pre-termination conference, present all of your documentation in writing and ask for any policies cited or agreements made by the PHA in writing as well.