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    How can I become a Section 8 landlord in Seattle, Washington?

    In order to become a section 8 landlord in Seattle, and accept a voucher from a tenant, you must have your property inspected by the Housing Authority. Although some states do require that landlords accept Section 8 tenants, a landlord does not have to accept every Section 8 tenant. A Section 8 tenant is still subject to the same qualifying standards as non-Section 8 tenants.

    The Section 8 office conducts a very basic background check on all Section 8 applicants. Their screening focuses on a tenants income level, which will not be the biggest concern for you, as the majority of the rent will be paid by the Public Housing Agency. You should always conduct the same background and credit check that you conduct on all tenants on Section 8 tenants. This can help you uncover alarming issues, such as criminal history. It will also show you the tenants previous addresses so you can see if the tenant moves on a frequent basis. You should also get the names and addresses of the tenants previous landlords. Contacting these landlords can give you insight into the way the tenant lives. Were they a clean, respectful tenant who adhered to the lease agreement or were they a destructive, problem tenant who the landlord constantly had issues with? Submit Request for Approval In order for a Section 8 tenant to rent from a Section 8 landlord and reside in your property, your property must be approved by the Section 8 office. The first step in this approval process is to submit a Request for Approval of the Tenancy Form. A sample form can be viewed on the HUD website. The form requests basic information such as the address of the property, anticipated lease begin date, the proposed rent and any utilities that will be included in the rent. It must be signed and dated by both you and the tenant. Pass Housing Quality Standards Inspection/Pass Yearly Inspections The Request for Approval Form is the first step in getting your property approved for a Section 8 tenant. The real test is the Housing Quality Inspection. This inspection will determine if your unit meets the minimum housing standards that have been set forth by HUD and by the local public housing authority. If the unit fails to comply with any item on their list of performance standards, the problem must be remedied within a set timeframe. The unit must then be re-inspected before it can be approved for a Section 8 move in.

    Where can I find a Section 8 application online for Seattle Washington

    Application for Section 8 in Seattle or Public housing are typically hard to find due to long waiting lists. Each Housing Authority may have preferences as to who can apply for their programs. Sometimes they will allow applicants from out of state, and sometimes not. Applications however, are always free when they are being accepted.

    Payment standards represent the maximum amount of subsidy that the Seattle Housing Authority can provide a family. The Housing Authority does not automatically approve this rent level for a given unit. Monthly rent subsidy depends on a number of factors, including payment standards, the rents of other comparable unsubsidized rental units in the area , and the income of the family. Anyone that would like to apply for section 8 rental assistance in Seattle must complete an application during an open waiting list period.

    If I apply for Section 8 in Seattle Washington, how much rent would I pay?

    Participants in the HCV program in Seattle pay approximately 30% of their income for rent and utilities. This is typical of any Section 8 housing program in the United States. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has defined Total Tenant Payment (TTP) for "rent" to include both shelter and the costs for reasonable amounts of utilities. The amount determined necessary cover the resident's reasonable utility costs is the utility allowance. Please see CHA's 2017 Utility Allowance Schedule. Modification fund Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher participants or household members are eligible to receive a reasonable modification to existing premises, which are occupied or will be occupied by the person with a disability. To qualify for a modification, participants must (1) have a verifiable disability and (2) submit a Reasonable Accommodation request which is subject to approval by CHA's Housing Rights and Nondiscrimination Department. For more information about this program. Contact the Housing Authority if you want to apply for Section 8 in Seattle or check your status on the waiting list.



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